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About Latest Version 3.5.11

paintnet-vers3511What’s the use of your technological devices if you can’t put them to use when you really need them. Well, photos have become somewhat a necessary factor of life today and if your computer or your smart phone can’t make them better (the capturing feature is obviously there if you’re using a smart phone) there’s no use having them. Smart phones work with apps and Paint.NET is just the app you need to make your photos and images the best! Paint.NET has become one of the most powerful photo and image editing software that you can find today. It’s easy to use so anybody can make use of this software and turn their photos into something really eye catching and attractive. In fact it has the new and instinctive user interface for novices. You also get a number of special effects and also undo options which make editing your pictures all the more easier and hassle free. Now you don’t have to learn or train with technical software just to make your pictures look good. With this photo editor you can do it with just a few clicks. Moreover, it’s free and that’s what makes it the best software available for making your pictures the best to look at.

However, for less than two years there wasn’t an update available for the software in the market. Paint.NET was certainly considered history in the cyber world where every next second sees a new innovation. However, to the delight of its users, it has new version out in the market, version 3.5.11.

The new update to this amazing software allows the users the following features and enhanced functions:

• Sharpening effect improved by 25%

• Median effect improved by 30%

• 40% improvement to the Fragment effect

• Performance of the Unfocus effect improved by 100%

• Fixed issues with the Gaussian Blur effect

• Less memory usage

• Undo data now saved on disk

• Built-in updater for version 4.0

• Simplified and consolidate layout

• Paint Bucket and Magic Wand tools introduced

• Anti-aliased selection

• Copy and merge tools improved

The new version will help you tackle large and heavy images very easily. It’s made for your ease and its going to provide you so, all the while consuming less memory than ever.
According to the author of software code, Paint.NET version 3.5.11 is just a preliminary step that will prepare users for the even better and more sophisticated version 4.0. You’ll have a number of new and improved features in version 4.0. including new color pick and blending options, special modes and a great many new tools to make your pictures all the better.

The making of the codes for this new update is almost complete and will hit the markets soon enough. If you have enjoyed editing your photos with Paint.NET earlier, the new version 3.5.11 is going to amaze you and the later version 4.0 will take you by a storm for sure. Just keep your fingers crossed for the best one; it’ll be out very soon.