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How to learn web design

design-school001Some people may want to learn web design because it is a trending career. Others could be that they love it and would like to make a living out of it. For some learning web design could mean freedom from the burden of always outsources web design related tasks for their online businesses; and thus, reducing business costs.

There could be thousands of free and paid web design tutorials on the internet. You just have to take time to read and practice the lessons. Here are some web design learning methods you may choose from:

Formal Education

Getting a college or university degree can be a great starting point for many. Should you go back to school? Not really. It all depends on who you are and your responsibilities at the moment. If you are fresh from high school, you can shoot straight to college or university. If you are already working and you have a family to support, returning to school can be expensive and will require you to sacrifice a lot of your time.

Nonetheless, if you still prefer this learning style and you can handle the pressure of structured learning, find accredited online institutions that offer web design programs. You will have to put in extra hours after working hours. Alternatively, you can find a college or university near you.

Interactive online Tutorials

An interactive learning method is typically computer guided. In this method you are able to apply theory and get feedback on your progress. The advantage of interactive learning is that you can repeat the lessons until you feel competent. You will find there are many apps online that can teach you programming languages like CSS, PHP and HTML.

Interactive learning is quite easy to follow. Most service providers require you to setup an account with them, which is simply for identification purpose. You will then select a course or module you want to do, take a lesson and check if you can independently apply the lessons by typing on the screen or answering questionnaires online.

Code School offers interactive web design courses for a fee of $25 per month. Alternatively you can sign up for a free interactive course with Codecademy.

Instructional Videos

If you are not interested in learning by reading you will find instructional videos conducive. Videos are extremely visual and can also be an entertaining method of learning. It takes a lot of time and very expensive resources to create video tutorials, therefore you can expect to dig deeper in your pocket if you select this learning method.

Another downside of video tutorials is that they are time consuming. Videos are typically divided into smaller segments. If you think you learn better with videos try Lynda and Tuts+ Premium. Both websites offer web design video lessons for a fee.

Before you commit to any particular learning method, you must establish your personal learning style. Some people learn better by to reading a subject several times to understand it and then apply the knowledge. Others learn quickly if they can just see how something is done once. You try the methods about for a specified time and then select the one you enjoy the most.