Download free photo editor


Paint.NET gives you all the reasons of a user interface to a fun, exciting and intuitive experience. It is a photo editing software that can be availed for free. When installed in your PC, it would give you a thousand reasons why you need to choose it as your ultimate image and photo editing tool. This application has evolved to be a significant replacement for Photoshop in many ways. This small and simple program can do such great and powerful things in your PC when used as photo editing mechanism through its amazing features.

Paint.NET is powered by exciting feature of innovative and intuitive user experience. Granted with a wide support layers, a user can undertake unlimited undo, huge range of powerful tools, special effects where the online community can avail of friendly help through plugins and tutorials. Basically, some functions that are missing in Photoshop could be downloaded so easily and quickly in Paint.NET and can be saved in your files. The tabs image as one of its features can provide an easy and quick navigation instead of text display.

Explore the amazing features of Paint.NET and learn why it could be a powerful alternate to Photoshop, as follows:

1. Powerful Tools

It contains powerful yet simple to use tools for quick and easy application. It provides great options for drawing, coloring, copying and erasing. Included in its features are Magic Wand and Clone Stamp. You can have the freedom to choose your drawing options as well as with curves or shapes and recolor options.

2. Special Effects

Wide variety of special effects will embark your excitement to help you enhance and make perfect your images. There are many options where you can edit and enhance your work that includes embossing, blurring, red eye, etc. likewise, for a more wider options and great experience, this software allows adjustment as to brightness, saturations, level, curves as well as options for black and eye or sepa toned.

3. Performance

Whatever type of PC you are using. You can be sure of efficient Paint.NET performance. Either you are using a fast or single processing core; the application will have a quick startup and is very responsive to every click of your mouse.

4. Free

With all the exciting experience with powerful features, Paint.NET is free and will not cost you a centavo.

5. Update Automatically

Updating with the newest versions is free and simple. It will only take two clicks from your mouse and impromptu, you can enjoy new features, bug fixes and great improvements on performance.

6. Growing Online Community

This program allows you to check on increasing list of plugins and tutorials to enjoy more of your experience. Moreover, this tool provides you with an online forum that is friendly, passionate.

7. Unlimited History storage

As long as you have enough disk space, every action done can be saved in your History Window. Every action is recorded and can likewise be undone and once undone; you can still redo the action.

With all the great features, you now have the reason to enjoy a more exciting photo designing and imaging experience!